Tue, Sep 1, 2020 11AM EST

Few businesses remained static during the pandemic. Either they scaled down, scaled up, cross purposed or drastically changed their ways of working – often a case of more than one.

Now more than ever, the use of data and analytics is critically important if you are to navigate the rocky waters of a downturn. Enterprise data analytics enable companies to objectively evaluate multiple business situations, such as how to manage uncertain supply and demand, assess and mitigate supplier risk, adjust to disruptions in operations and supply chains, and adapt to sharp changes in consumer confidence and priorities.

Register for our webinar to better understand how your business data can allow your business to respond faster, be more prepared and proactively manage future impact.

  • The full story data can reveal about your business pre, during, and post pandemic
  • Visualizing and analyzing data to forecast business opportunities and threats
  • Strategies for building business intelligence for future pandemics
  • Use cases for using chatbots for health screening and other Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered methods to communicate


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Presented By:

Murray Foxcroft
Chief Technology Officer
Murray keeps ProArch at the vanguard of the cloud-driven transformation scene. He has spent his career as a solutions architect for his clients and a technical leader for his colleagues. His specialty is Microsoft Azure and creating products and strategies to allow organizations to unlock the value in their data.